7.2.5 – Discipline Filler Healing and Mana

Introduction Today we will be going more in-depth into Discipline mana in 7.2.5 and what to do when you’re not using cooldowns. In my guide for Disc in 7.2.5., we learn about the Evangelism Combo which involves using a 75 second cooldown to apply a bunch of Atonements and do a ton of healing through them. [...]
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7.2.5 Talent Discussion – What has changed?

Patch 7.2.5 changes are right around the corner and with it comes some major changes, especially to our talents. This article will go into some detail regarding how our talent choices are going to change in the new patch. Recommended talents listed in each tier will be for raids. We will be writing a second [...]
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Atonement: Modifiers

Jayde discusses some of the intricacies of the Atonement mechanic, specifically, how healing and damage multipliers effect Atonement.

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Enchants and Consumables

ENCHANTS Mark of the Claw or Mark of the Trained Soldier CONSUMABLES Flask: Flask of the Whispered Pact Food: Azshari Salad or Lavish Suramar Feast Pre-pot: Potion of Prolonged Power about 2 seconds before the pull. Potion: Leytorrent Potion for when you’re closer to a kill, Ancient Mana Potion for progression wipes.
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Legendaries S Tier Velen's Future Sight - Extremely powerful effect that pairs with our Lights Wrath and other cooldowns very well. Discipline is notorious for overhealing especially with a big Lights Wrath. TIP: You only need roughly 12 Atonements out to cover the raid in healing, due to the overhealing effect. It's a huge mana savings! A [...]
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ARTIFACT PATH 1-35 1.) Light's Wrath 2.) Invoke the Light 3.) Confession 4.) Shield of Faith 5.) Share in the Light 6.) Darkest Shadows 7.) Burst of Light 8.) Power of the Dark Side 9.) The Edge of Dark and Light 10.) Borrowed Time 11.) Sins of the Many 12.) Doomsayer 13.) Pain is in Your Mind 14.) Barrier for the Devoted 15.) Speed of the Pious 16.) Vestments of Discipline [...]
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Disc Raid Guide (7.2)

Discipline Priest Guide INTRODUCTION Welcome to FocusedWill.com! This is probably the first resource you're going to look at, and there is a lot of information to take in. To start off, I'd like to say that Discipline Priests are one of the most challenging healing specs to master, but one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve [...]
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