Antorus Healing Strategy


This is a resource for raiders, healing leaders and healers alike, going over each encounter and providing timings and discussion regarding boss mechanics and how to best handle them. Other than most guides, this one focuses specifically on the nature of damage that accompanies mechanics, and on the best ways to deal with that damage from the perspective of positioning and healing. For Heroic and Mythic boss damage patterns and ability timing, please check the Notes section for each boss!

Burst AoE Raid-wide AoE that comes in one quick burst.

Constant AoE Raid-wide AoE that comes in smaller bursts over a period of time.

DoT A damage over time effect is left on a target.

Dispel Ability needs dispeled from a target.

Spot Heal Ability will impact random players with small burst damage, not very predictable.

Single Target Intense damage on one target. Normally tanks, but can also be caused by someone soaking damage.

Cluster Damage will hit players in a particular area.

Environmental Damage caused by fall damage, lava damage, or another environmental effect that is not actually cast by the boss.

Damage Reduction Recommended to use a damage reduction cooldown for this ability.

Raid Cooldown Recommended to use a raid cooldown for this ability.

Melee Stack/Spread Melee Stack/Spread[/su_label] Ability requires melee to stack or spread.

Ranged Stack/Spread Ability Requires ranged to stack or spread.

Phase 1

  • DoT Annihilation – Soak these with at least two people. Do not move until the purple circle around you is gone.
  • Burst AoE Cluster Decimation – Ranged stick together in the center of the room so that targets of Decimation can easily drop it away from the group. Don’t stand in these green circles.
  • Spot Heal Fel Bombardment – The targeted tank should kite this around the edge of the room. Stay out of the way. Be prepared to spot heal the tank or any players that get accidentally hit.
Transition to phase 2
  • Constant AoE Damage Reduction Raid Cooldown Garothi channels Apocalypse Drive. If the raid’s damage output is low, consider using a raid cooldown.
  • Burst AoE Ranged stack Melee Stack Eradication – Group up at the back to minimize the damage, excluding one tank.
    • Single Target One tank should stay in melee range to the boss to prevent Carnage. This tank needs to be topped off before and after Eradication hits, and they may need an external.

Phase 2 (65%)

  • Ranged Spread If you have destroyed the Decimator, Annihilation will become Empowered, and there will be more pools to soak. Pre-spread to ensure all pools are covered.
  • Melee Stack Ranged stack If, instead, you have destroyed Annihilator, Decimation has become Empowered. Everyone should stack in front of the boss and, after Decimation has been dropped (all on top of each other), move away as a group. People shouldn’t move early.
  • Spot Heal Searing Barrage – Keep an eye out so that there are no issues for these targets when they also soak an Annihilation (if you have destroyed the Decimation weapon).
Transition to phase 3
  • Raid Cooldown Apocalypse Drive + Eradication – Use a raid cooldown to top everyone off between the last part of Apocalypse Drive and before Eradication hits.

Phase 3 (25%)

Constant AoE Raid Cooldown Ranged stack Melee Stack Searing Barrage and Fel Bombardment will be the only abilities left, but they are again Empowered. Furthermore, there will be serious ticking damage. Make sure all your healing cooldowns are up for this phase. (Except the one you used during the transition.) It is advisable to have your whole raid stack to make it easier on the healers.
Heroic is almost exactly the same as Normal/LFR, but with more damage.

Transition phases
  • Cluster Surging Fel – Avoid standing in these beams on the ground.
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F’Harg the fire dog

  • Single Target Cluster Burning Maw – The tank should face F’Harg away from the raid to soak the Burning Maw cone by themselves. Keep an eye on their Smouldering stacks.
33% energy
100% energy
  • Constant AoE Ranged Spread Melee spread Enflame Corruption – Pre-spread before F’harg hits 100% energy.
  • Spot Heal Enflamed – If targeted, make sure to move at least 8 yards away from other players to prevent hitting them with your Erupting Flames. (Not in LFR.)
  • Constant AoE Erupting Flames occurs in LFR instead of the mechanics above (LFR’s Erupting Flames is a different mechanic from Normal/HC/Mythic’s Erupting Flames!)

Shatug the shadow dog

  • Single Target Cluster Currupting Maw – The tank should face Shatug away from the raid to soak the Corrupting Maw cone by themselves. Keep an eye on their Decay stacks.
33% energy
  • Cluster Spot Heal Consuming Sphere – On its path to the target, it will attempt to suck everyone in. Avoid touching it to prevent getting Consumed stacks. The further you are away from the sphere, the weaker the pull.
100% energy
  • Constant AoE Siphon Corruption – Stack before Shatug’s energy reaches 100%.
  • Burst AoE Cluster Ranged Stack Melee Stack Siphoned – If targeted, a purple pool will appear under you and move with you. Stack with the raid in order to split the damage of Erupting Shadows. (Not in LFR.)
  • Constant AoE Erupting Shadows occurs in LFR instead of the mechanics above (LFR’s Erupting Shadows is a different mechanic from Normal/HC/Mythic’s Erupting Shadows!)
On Heroic, each Felhound has an extra mechanic that is triggered at 66% of their individual energy pools.

F’Harg the fire dog

66% energy
  • Single Target Molten Touch – The target requires focused healing, especially if they get high stacks of Singed.
  • Environmental Ranged Spread Spot Heal Molten Flare – Spawns under players: move away. If the group is stacked for a shadow ability, move as a group to avoid the flame pools. Do not move early.

Shatug the shadow dog

66% energy
  • Ranged Stack Melee Stack Weight of Darkness – Share this purple pool with at least 3 people in total to prevent getting feared. (Can be immuned.)
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  • The Felhounds should be tanked 40 yards apart to prevent them from getting Sargeras’ Blessing. No tank swaps are necessary.
  • Ranged Stack It is recommended to stack inbetween the Felhounds throughout most of the encounter. It will minimize the movement necessary for the shadow abilities, and it will make it easy to move out with flame abilities.
  • With one exception, you should stand in purple pools, and you should not stand in anything red. Consuming Sphere is the exception: you should avoid standing in this purple pool, even though it wants to suck you in real badly.
  • Type /range 8 to ensure you do not hit other players with Erupting Flames.
  • You have no influence on the speed at which both doggos gain energy. Different abilities thus overlap at different times. This makes it nearly impossible to assign raid cooldowns for specific moments.
  • Raid Cooldown If Enflame Corruption and Siphon Curruption happen at the same time, a raid cooldown will be necessary.
Debuffs for your raid frames
  • Molten Touch
  • Singed stacks increase the Molten Touch damage. The combination of these two will give you a good idea of how much ST damage will be coming in.
  • Consumed stacks increase damage taken from Consuming Sphere and will thereby give you an idea of who might have more damage incoming.
  • Smouldering and Decay if you’re tank healing
This council fight has one boss active at a time. During the fight, a player can hop into the control pod of the active boss (who vacates the pod at that time). That player gets a new action bar with Chaos Pulse and another ability that is unique to the pod they’re in.

All bosses
  • Single Target Cluster Exploit Weakness – A tank should face the boss away from the raid to soak this cone alone. If a tank gains more than two stacks (they shouldn’t) they will require strong single target healing.
  • Constant AoE Chaos Pulse – The two bosses that are inside their pods will cast this throughout the fight.
  • Dispel Chaos Pulse – Whether or not you dispel this depends on how much damage the raid is taking. The sum is basically: is it more mana-efficient to just let it time out and have HoTs cover it (likely so for earlier in the fight), or to dispel ASAP because the target will take too much damage (later in the fight).
Player in control pod
  • DoT Single Target Psychic Assault – Keep these players HoTed up. They should switch with another player after about 45 seconds (depending on how squishy they are). If they stay longer, they likely get one-shot. But they shouldn’t leave the pod too quickly either, as they gain the Psychic Scarring debuff.

You cycle through the phases, each of which takes roughly 90 seconds.

Phase 1

Active boss: Admiral Svirax
Pod boss: Chief Engineer Ishkar
  • Cluster Entropic Mine – Spawns on player location. Players should move away from them to avoid detonating them.
  • Spot Heal Entropic Blast – If people get too close to Entropic Mine, they will take a hard hit.
  • DoT Entropic Blast – If the raid-wide DoT that is part of Entropic Blast is allowed to stack too much (due to multiple Blasts in quick succession), a raid cooldown may be necessary.
Pod boss: General Erodus

Phase 2

Active boss: Chief Engineer Ishkar
Pod boss: General Erodus

See Phase 1: Summon Reinforcements

Pod boss: Admiral Svirax
  • Burst AoE Damage Reduction Raid Cooldown FusilladeFelshield Emitter should be activated (any player can click the Emitters which have been placed by the pod player). You may have to spot heal players outside of the Felshield.

Phase 3

Active boss: General Erodus
Pod boss: Chief Engineer Ishkar

See Phase 1: Entropic Mine

Pod boss: Admiral Svirax

See Phase 2: Fusillade Rinse and repeat!

There are no changes on Heroic, apart from the fact that it hurts more.
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Zeroing In can be considered the soft enrage for this fight: eventually you simply cannot outheal the Fusillade anymore. Make sure you have damage reductions and cooldowns up for later in the fight for this reason.

Debuffs for your raid frames
  • Chaos Pulse – Earlier in the fight, you can ignore it. Later in the fight, these have to be dispelled ahead of Fusillade (because it hurts more each time the Admiral casts it). Low-health targets take priority.
  • Psychic Assault – The pod player takes increasing damage. Early on, you can let smart heals cover them – once the player has been in there over 30 seconds, they will need more targeted healing.
  • Exploit Weakness – The tank requires very strong healing if this reaches 3 stacks.

All phases: main platform (Nexus)

  • DoT Single Target Reality Tear – Tank mechanic: should not get higher than three stacks. Keep an eye on the tank that has it.
  • Cluster Burst AoE Collapsing World – Spawns on the boss (so the boss is preferably tanked at the edge of the platform). Get out of it. Once it has filled up, it explodes.
  • Cluster Felstorm Barrage – Beams will appear on the ground, and will explode a few seconds later. Make sure to dodge these. They can knock you off the platform.
  • Transport Portal
    • Burst AoE DoT Fiery Detonation – This 8-second cast by Felblaze Imp should really be interrupted. If it goes through and is combined with ticking damage from the portals, this may require a raid cooldown.

Phase 1 (90%): fire portal

Nexus platform
Fire platform

Phase 2 (60%): fel portal

Nexus platform
Fel platform

Phase 3 (30%): shadow portal

Nexus platform
Shadow platform
  • Mind Fog is counteracted by Everburning Light, so an Everburning Flames needs to be brought along from the fire platform. (Not on LFR.)
  • Cloying Shadows – Reduces healing received while standing in the Mind Fog.
  • Burst AoE Ranged/Melee Spread Hungering Gloom – Make sure to not enter the Everburning Light zone as a stacked group. Not sure if this is in live.
  • Dispel DelusionsDo not auto-dispel. Only when healing is required again.
  • DoT Corrupt – Stacking DoT which also reduces healing received. Cast by miniboss Lord Eilgar.
  • Constant AoE Unstable Portal – Cast by miniboss [Lord Eilgar]. Interruptable.
There are no changes on Heroic, except that it hurts more.
Coming soon
  • This is a very punishing fight. As healer, you need to be constantly on your toes. You cannot allow people to sit at low health and be slowly HoTed up. The combination between ticking damage and burst damage (which cannot all be interrupted) can bring a 50% health player down very fast. Especially if they happen to not dodge a thing; and on the main platform, there is a lot of dodging.
  • Catastrophic Implosion – There should always be players remaining on the main platform.
Debuffs for your raid frames
  • Acidic Web – If a low-health player has it, make sure to heal them up.
  • Reality Tear – Whenever it’s about to fall off the off-tank, especially if it is more than three stacks, prepare raid-wide healing for Bursting Darkness.
  • Flames of Xoroth – Fire platform DoT.
  • Caustic Slime – Fel platform DoT. Nobody should get it, but if someone gets it anyway: prep raid healing for when it falls off (Caustic Detonation).
  • Delusions – Shadow platform manaregen. Do not auto-dispel. Only dispel when your fellow healer asks for it, or when you want to start healing yourself again.
  • Corrupt – Shadow platform debuff. Keep an eye out for players that return from the shadow platform with this debuff as they take increased damage.
This tower defense fight involves three paths towards Eonar. Mobs spawn from portals on top of these paths, and they will attempt to reach and kill Eonar. The goal is to prevent that. This fight is primarily about slowing, stunning, keeping separated and nuking groups of adds. You can move between platforms using jumpy blocks and Surge of Life.

  • Cluster Spot Heal Rain of Fel – Players with Rain of Fel should make sure to move out of the group so they don’t blow up other players. (Not in LFR.)
  • Cluster Spot Heal Meteor Storm – Players who don’t dodge the storm may need some healing. (Only in LFR.)
  • Constant AoE Spot Heal Paraxis Artillery – Consistent bursts of AoE damage on random players.
Two additional abilities occur.

  • Cluster Single Target Fel Swipe – Cast by Fel-Powered Purifier, which should be kept separate from the other adds. The tank should face him away from the raid.
  • Cluster Spot Heal Spear of Doom – Kite this along the edges of the walkways where the adds will not move over it. The target shouldn’t get damage from the spear laser, but if they are too slow they might.
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  • Choose talents that give you your highest mobility to keep up with the rest of the group: you will almost constantly be on the move.
  • You cannot safely keep players below 50% due to the randomness of Paraxis Artillery and Rain of Fel. Always focus on low-health targets first.
Debuffs for your raid frames
  • Paraxis Artillery – Targets who are low and get this debuff should be prioritized.
  • Rain of Fel – Targets who are low and get this debuff should be prioritized.

Phase 1

  • Single Target Shock Lance – Tank should soak alone and swap at 3-4 stacks.
    • Spot Heal Electrify – Spot heal players that get hit by the tank’s stacks.
  • Cluster Melee Stack Ranged Stack Pulse Grenade – These spawn on players: get out, and afterwards avoid them. They never disappear. You can clear them with an immunity: the effect (knockback) still occurs though.
  • Dispel Ranged Spread Sleep Cannister – Get at least 10 yards away from your group to be dispelled; or pre-spread (thus stacking the Pulse Grenade less well). (Not on LFR.)
    • Spot Heal Slumber Gas – If not properly spread, dispelling Sleep Cannister will put other players to sleep. They then cannot dodge mechanics and may require spot healing.
  • Spot Heal Sleep CannisterOnly on LFR. This LFR-version of Sleep Cannister only targets and puts to sleep one player.
Intermission: crossing the bridge
  • Constant AoE Raid Cooldown Conflagration – Avoid the traps as you cross the bridge to the other platform. Interruptable.
  • Cluster Dispel Stasis Trap – Avoid these on the bridge. You can clear them with an immunity: the effect (stun) still occurs though.

Phase 2

  • DoT Single Target Sever – Keep a HoT on this tank.
  • Cluster Burst AoE Melee Stack Ranged Stack Shrapnel Blast – These spawn on players: move away from them as a group, and afterwards avoid them. They never disappear. On landing and on triggering they do raid-wide damage.
  • Cluster DoT Charged Blasts – If targeted, make sure to aim these beams away from the raid.
Intermission: crossing the bridge
Raid Cooldown You now have to avoid Pulse Grenade, Stasis Trap, Shrapnel Blast and Blastwire. It is best if someone with an immunity clears a path by triggering the least disruptive traps, such as Stasis Traps – which you then immediately need to dispel.

Phase 3

  • Single Target Constant AoE Empowered Shock Lance – The tank takes more damage, as well as the raid, until the boss dies.
  • Constant AoE Ranged Spread Empowered Pulse Grenade – If targeted, stay at least 5 yards away from others to prevent hitting them with this permanent AoE pulse.
  • DoT Single Target Empowered Shrapnel Blast – Dodge the swirlies.

Phase 1

Intermission: crossing the bridge
  • Constant AoE Raid Cooldown Conflagration – Avoid the fire orbs and traps as you cross the bridge to the other platform. Interruptable.
    • Constant AoE Gathering Power – Make sure to keep healing while on the move. If people trigger traps, those traps in combination with Gathering Power may necessitate a raid cooldown.
  • Environmental Single Target Seared Skin – Avoid the fire on the edges of the bridge; keep topping people who get the debuff.

In de second intermission, you now have to avoid Pulse Grenade, Stasis Trap, Shrapnel Blast, Blastwire and the orbs. It is best if someone with an immunity clears a path by triggering the least disruptive traps, such as Stasis Traps – which you then immediately need to dispel.

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  • Infernal Rockets – You cannot leave the platform the boss is on (so no pre-moving to the other platform) as you will be nuked.
  • Raid cooldowns should be saved for the bridge crossings and phase 3, when there is a lot of ticking damage.
Debuffs for your raid frames
  • Shock Lance – If you’re tank healing, give a tank focused ST healing at 5 stacks (they should have swapped at 4).
  • Shocked – Players take increased nature damage: look out for them if they’re on low health.
  • Sleep Cannister – Dispel when player is 10 yards away from others, and not before!
  • Stasis Trap – Dispel ASAP.
  • Seared Skin – Nobody should get it, but if they do, keep them topped.
  • Shrapnel Blast – Prioritize low-health targets who have this DoT.
  • Empowered Shrapnel Blast – Prioritize low-health targets who have this DoT.

Phase 1 (Stage: Deployment)

  • Single Target Forging Strike – Make sure to stay away from the tanks as they soak this, as they will do an AoE Burst. (AoE burst not on LFR.)
  • Melee spread Ranged Spread Reverberating Strike – Spread at least 5 yards apart to not hurt each other. (Not on LFR.)
  • Cluster Ruiner – Avoid standing in this beam.
  • Cluster Burst AoE Diabolic Bomb – Avoid these rolling orbs. The raid should stay on one side of the platform, while the off-tank should walk into the orbs on the other side. Each orb will do a burst of raid wide damage – less damage the further you are away from the orb.
  • Burst AoE Shattering Strike – Make sure not to time the explosion of a Diabolic Bomb too closely on a Shattering Strike.

Phase 2 (100% energy) (Stage: Construction)

  • Apocalypse Protocol – As the boss takes way less damage, the raid should split into two groups to kill two of the three Fel Reaver adds on separate platforms while they are Initializing, thus only having to deal with one add and its abilities afterwards:
  • Constant AoE Flames of the Forge – During this phase, healers should be equally spread along the two groups to heal against this ticking damage.
  • Cluster Spot Heal Apocalypse Blast – Dodge these big swirlies that spawn around the adds.

Rinse and repeat!

No major changes at this time going from Normal/LFR to Heroic.
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  • Misery – Do not bother healing people with this debuff, as they take no healing anyway. (Not on LFR.)
  • Ranged Stack Melee Stack Alone in the darkness – You need to be stacked throughout the fight.
  • Single Target Shadow strike – Make sure the tank is fully healed up before Shadow strike lands.
  • Cluster Dark fissure – Shadow pools appear on the spots of players – move out of them as a group.
  • Single Target Marked prey – A mobile dps should stand inbetween the boss and the target of Marked prey to soak this, as they can get back to the boss before being knocked back more than 8 yards from the rest of the raid. (E.g. with Shadow step, Fel Rush or Transcendence: Transfer.) The dps who soaks requires ST healing.

Torment of…

Three additional abilities appear on Heroic difficulty.

  • Necrotic Embrace – Get out of the raid if you get this; and get back in when it has dropped. If you do not get out, you will wipe the raid.
  • Cluster Single Target Shadow strike – Other than on Normal/LFR, this is now a cone. Don’t stand in front of the boss, and make sure the tank is fully healed up before Shadow strike lands.

Torment of…

  Coming soon  
Debuffs foryour raid frames

Phase 1

Noura, Mother of Flames (active)
  • Single Target Fiery strike – Keep an eye on the tank: their stacks shouldn’t go too high.
  • Cluster Whirling Saber – Spawns on ranged player’s location. Get out of the red circle and afterwards avoid it as it moves to the boss.
Asara, Mother of Night (active)
  • Spot Heal Touch of Darkness – Random players get hit.
  • Cluster Shadow blades – These travel away from the boss – you can see their directions, so pre-move to avoid them.

Phase 2 (after 3 minutes)

Asara (active)

See phase 1.

Dima, Mother of Gloom (active)
  • Single Target Flashfreeze – Tanks shouldn’t get too many stacks.
  • Single Target Chilled blood – Heal these absorb shields off to prevent players getting stunned.

Tormented adds (during both phases)

Random adds get tormented and unleash abilities on the raid. By checking the non-active boss’s casting bar, you can see which add will come in.

  • DoT Machinations of Aman’thul – These adds need to be focused down probably two at a time (depending on your dps). Every cast that does go through will apply a DoT – too many DoTs and you will probably want to use a raid cooldown.
  • Burst AoE Ranged Spread Melee spread Fury of Golganneth – Spread at least 2 yards apart.
  • Cluster Flames of Khaz’goroth – Get out of the center of the room and do not stand in front of any of these flamethrowing adds.
  • Cluster Spectral army of Norgannon – Avoid getting near or in the path of these lines of adds – they can be slowed, stunned and knocked back to create gaps, and after 30 seconds can be killed.
Noura, Mother of Flames (active)
Asara, Mother of Night (active)
  • Constant AoE Storm of Darkness – Stand in the safe zones to mitigate this damage.
Dima, Mother of Gloom (active)
  • Burst AoE Orb of Frost – Get as far away from the orb as possible.
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Debuffs for your raid frames

Phase 1

  • Spot Heal Taeshalach’s reach – Tanks stack, melee stay away from the tank. Keep an eye on the tank with high stacks.
  • DoT Ranged Spread Scorching Blaze – Prespread at least 4 yards apart.
  • Cluster DoT Single Target Wake of Flame – Dodge these flames – top any players that do get hit to prevent the DoT from killing them after the initial hit.
    • Taeshalach Technique – At 100% energy, a number of abilities will occur right after each other which requires the boss to be turned around by the tanks frequently.
    • Cluster Foe breaker – One tank should soak this.
    • Cluster Everyone Stack Flame rend – Should be soaked by the whole raid.
    • Cluster Foe breaker – The other tank should soak this.
    • Cluster Everyone Stack Flame rend – Should be soaked by the whole raid.
    • Cluster Searing tempest – Get away from the boss, out of the big orange circle.
Intermission 1 (80% health)
  • Corrupt Aegis – Get away from and stop dpsing Aggramar.
  • Spot Heal Catalyzing Presence – The big adds Flame of Taeshalach should be tanked away from each other and from the small adds: Ember of Taeshalach. Be prepared to spot heal any increased damage should they get too close to other adds.
  • Constant AoE Raid Cooldown Unchecked Flame – While the Flames of Taeshalach adds are up, this damage ramps up hard.
  • Burst AoE DoT Raid Cooldown Blazing Eruption – Stun and slow Ember of Taeshalach if you can to prevent them from getting to the boss. If multiple adds reach the boss, a raid cooldown will be necessary. Too many explosions will wipe the raid.

Phase 2

All abilities from Phase 1 still occur.

  • Cluster Flare – Has replaced Wake of Flame. Get out of these circles. As you’re dodging them, make sure to stay away from other players to prevent further damage from Scorching Blaze.
Intermission 2 (40% health)

Does not occur on LFR.

  • See Intermission 1. Look out for the occassional random Wake of Flame that shoots from the boss.

Phase 3

Does not occur on LFR. See Phase 2.

Intermission (80% health)
  • Cluster Molten Remnants – The Embers of Taeshalach will leave a heap of ash when they die – don’t stand in it. After 18 seconds, the Molten Remnants will respawn into embers and travel to the boss.
  • Raid Cooldown Reaching the boss still causes the Blazing Eruption, so their reaching the boss should occur in a controlled, staggered fashion. If this is done too quickly, a raid cooldown may be necessary.

Phase 2

  • Burst AoE Wrought in Flame – Three minutes after the intermission has ended, any Ember of Taeshalach that has not yet reached the boss will trigger a Blazing Eruption.
  Coming soon  
Debuffs for your raid frames

Phase 1

  • Cluster Single Target Sweeping Scythe – A tank should soak this alone.
  • Cluster Death Fog – Dark matter on the ground that hurts.
    • Cone of DeathArgus the Unmaker drops a cone of Death Fog in front of him. Each next cone is aimed next to the previous one. Don’t stand in it.
    • Cluster Ranged Stack DoT Soulblight – Targets a random player – they should get out of the raid and drop their patch on the edge of the existing Death Fog. The raid should stack to ensure there is enough space to safely drop them.
  • Burst AoE Raid Cooldown Tortured Rage – If combined with Soulblight and a too-slow move out of Cone of Death, a cooldown may be necessary.
  • Soulblight Orb spawn on players and are dropped at their location when the debuff falls off. Make sure to run into whichever is best for your spec:

Phase 2 (70% health)

Phase 3 (40% health)

  • Argus will turn into Constellar Designates with the following abilities:
    • Cluster Spot Heal Cosmic Ray – The targeted player should point this beam away from the raid and then stop moving.
    • Spot Heal Star Blast – Make sure not to interrupt this cast as the add then gains Impending Inevitability.
    • Burst AoE DoT Raid Cooldown Cosmic Smash – Occurs if Cosmic Beacon is not interrupted – which it should. Two adds cast it at the same time. If one goes through, a raid cooldown will likely be necessary. If two go through, it’s probably a wipe.
  • Discs of Nargannon – Disc Priest and Mistweaver Monk (since they dps for healing/mana) should try to focus the add that gives their damaging spells the most dps. (Disc: Shadow Vulnerability and Holy Vulnerability, and MW: Physical Vulnerability.)
Transition to phase 4

Phase 4

Spirit World
  • Titanforging – When Reorigination Modules explode on the living plane, they leave Motes of Titanic Power in the Spirit World. Run through these golden orbs when you have died before letting the tree res you.
Living plane
  • End of All Things – Get to the tree to be ressed ASAP to interrupt Argus’s cast. A tank should be available to pick up the boss.
  • Cluster Single Target Sweeping Scythe – A tank should soak this alone.
  • Cluster Burst AoE Reorigination PulseReorigination Modules are immovable, passive adds which have a growing circle around them – don’t stand in this circle, as it does damage. They explode upon death.
  • Volatile soulSee Phase 2. The Soulbomb player will die.
  • Burst AoE Damage Reduction Raid Cooldown Tortured Rage – It is likely best to set up a raid cooldown rotation for Tortured Rage since it is combined with so many other damaging abilities.
  • Cluster DoT Single Target Embers of Rage – Dodge the swirlies. Make sure to keep players with this debuff HoTed up.
  • Use your downtime to heal up Withered Gift of the Lifebinder. Every time someone uses the tree to res, it loses energy. Once her energy has been depleted, it takes a stacking DoT per player res (Withering Roots).

Phase 4

  • Cluster Single Target Deadly Scythe – Instead of Sweeping Scythe. Focus heal the tank with high stacks for as long as you reasonably cheaply can.
Coming soon


Debuffs for your raid frames

    • Soulblight – Heal low-health targets with this DoT. Make sure to top them before any Tortured rage.
    • Sweeping Scythe – Keep an eye on tanks who get more than three stacks.
    • Edge of Obliteration – Heal low-health targets with this DoT.
    • Soulburst – Top players immediately as they will run out of your range before getting a big hit.
    • Soulbomb – Top players immediately as they will run out of your range; at this point, also give the tank with Avatar of Aggramar a good HoT or external.
    • Blade of the Eternal – If a dps happens to get this from one of the weaponed constellation adds, they may require an external.
    • Deadly Scythe – Keep the tank that has this alive for as long as possible – which eventually becomes impossible with high amount of stacks.
    • Embers of Rage – Heal low-health targets with this DoT. Make sure to top them before any Tortured rage.

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