What legendaries should I upgrade first and in what order?

Velen’s Future Sight first, Prydaz second, Sephuz’s Secret third, Skjoldr (bracers) fourth and Soul of the High Priest fifth.If you are missing one of those, upgrade Chest/Helm/Legs first and all other slots last.

What legendaries will we be using in Antorus?

Always Velen’s Future Sight. Prydaz is the second best legendary on any normal fight. Sephuz’s Secret and Skjoldr may see potential use on a couple of specific bosses, namely Imonar for Sephuz and possibly Varimathras for Skjoldr. Soul of the High Priest is a good replacement if you are missing Velens or Prydaz.

Wait, wasn’t Soul of the High Priest the best legendary after Prydaz?

At the beginning of Tomb of Sargeras, yes it was. However, a lot has changed since then such as the Netherlight Crucible being added as well as the coming 30 ilvl jump which made a previously 1-2% hps gap in favor of SotHP largely disappear. There may be some situations where SotHP performs slightly better or if getting the biggest Penances possible is important on some boss (unknown so far), but Prydaz should be what people start most fights using.


Netherlight Crucible

How good are the various traits and what should I get?

There are generally 3 major categories of NLC traits, the ones that are going to be ~1.5-2.5% hps increases per trait, ones that are ~0.8-~1.5% increases per trait, and ones whose effects are so small that aren’t generally worth measuring.

Top Tier

Chaotic Darkness, Shadowbind, Torment the Weak, and Infusion of Light

Middle Tier

Master of Shadows, Light Speed, Murderous Intent, Shocklight, Secure in the Light

Useless Tier

Dark Sorrows, Light’s Embrace, Refractive Shell These traits are subject to RNG so before you make any decisions check WowAnalyzer.com to see exactly how much they are doing for you.



What relics am I looking for in Antorus?

Being the RNG expansion you obviously want whatever relic happens to roll better than whatever you currently have, but some of them will start off with better chances than others. You’re looking for a combination of item level, guaranteed trait, and NLC roll. Trait categories are as follows where the top tier is ~1% hps per point, middle tier is around 0.5%, and bottom tier is nearly useless:

Top Tier

Confession, Lenience’s Reward, The Edge of Dark and Light

Middle Tier

Shield of Faith, Vestments of Discipline, Burst of Light

Useless Tier

Doomsayer, Borrowed Time, Darkest Shadows, Pain Is In Your Mind

As for which ones have a chance to start off well, here is a breakdown by boss:

Top Tier

Felhounds of Sargeras (shadow) Portal Keeper Hasabel Eonar the Life-Binder (holy) Kin’garoth (shadow) The Coven of Shivarra (holy) Argus the Unmaker (holy, mediocre trait but starts +10 ilvl) Argus the Unmaker (shadow, bad trait but starts +10 ilvl)

Bottom Tier

Antoran High Command (holy) Eonar the Life-Binder (shadow) Imonar the Soulhunter (holy)



What trinkets am I looking for?

Velen’s will always be equipped, so we’re going to pretend you only have one trinket slot because if you don’t have Velen’s you should play the game more and spend less time reading. As a disclaimer, there are many trinkets that proc various stats. None of these are “good” at 960 item level but are always potentially good if RNG smiles on you (leech, titanforge, sockets, whatever). I’ll only be talking about trinkets as if they have a max of 960 item level here. If you get something not covered here that rolls drastically well, ask Focused Will.

The Usable List

UPDATED 12/10/2017 Below is an order of trinkets roughly from most useful to least useful, and any not on the list are generally not worth considering for raids unless they are 960+ ilvl.

  1. Aman’thul’s Vision. The fabled 1000 ilvl random drop trinket from Argus is the best Disc trinket in the entire game. Even without pantheon procs, the secondary stats and the procced Leech/Speed/Avoidance mean it will do more healing than anything else that exists.
  1. Carafe of Searing Light (off Varimathras). This trinket is just all around great from the passive Intellect to mana which turns into more 3-4% more healing to the damage on the dot which itself also becomes 2-4% extra healing. It’s best to just use it roughly on cooldown, and never use it on anything that will die before the full 18s are up.
  2. Terminus Signaling Beacon (off Antoran High Command). Beacon does a ridiculous amount of AoE damage and is very good on, funny enough, the very boss it drops from (AHC). It’s a Shadowfiend on steroids as long as there are 3+ mobs around for it to hit. It is very good on Eonar and possibly Portal Keeper depending on your other options.
  1. Eonar’s Compassion/Norgannon’s Prowess (Pantheon trinkets). These are grouped together because you can only really afford to upgrade one until much, much later and they really are not very different. Be warned, as neither of them will do more HPS than a decent item level Carafe even when they get to 1000 ilvl. The reason for using these trinkets should exclusively be to provide more Pantheon procs to your raid’s DPS to increase overall raid DPS by sacrificing a bit of your HPS. When exactly this will become very relevant is unknown, but expect to see it be a thing in January or February (01/02). As for which to upgrade, it really doesn’t matter. You’re already taking an HPS hit either way and both end up about the same, although Norgannon is a lot more random but it will also end up doing very slightly more DPS so if you want to go all-in on the DPS/HPS trade you can go with Norgannon’s, but if you want to be more safe go with Eonar. Also consult your raid as a 3rd or 4th version of either trinket really does almost nothing to increase proc rates, so it depends on how many of the other trinkets are going to be worn. Either way, don’t stress about it because it’s really not all that important.
  1. Tarnished Sentinel Medallion (Owl from Sisters in Tomb). This trinket is suitable while you don’t yet have a Carafe, and even when you do it’s generally just better on Kin’gorath as his damage happens to come out every 2 minutes.
  1. Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter, Highfather’s Machination, Garothi Feedback Conduit. Felshield is worth picking up one of at some point just to have for Varimathras in case you want to be safe, but generally these 3 trinkets are decent if you can get a much higher ilvl (like 30+) of them than anything else you have. They’re not very good though, just okay.
  1. Darkmoon Deck: Promises. Okay so you somehow do not have anything else. Maybe you never did Mythic Tomb or you’re very unlucky. Maybe the world hates you, I don’t know. Maybe you have a life and are unlucky so you don’t have Velen’s even though it’s been the most overpowered trinket in the game for almost a year. If it is not one of the above trinkets and it is lower than 930 ilvl and doesn’t have Leech on it, just wear Promises.
  1. 910+ Stat Stick (Int + any passive secondary stat). Did you literally just level your Priest this week? Go to Argus, get 650 Arguinite, get a Relinquished Trinket and use it. If turns into a “stat stick”, good, wear it. If it turned into some dungeon or raid trinket not listed here and is still only 910 or 915 ilvl, go back out there and get another 650 Argunite and try again. Repeat until you have a stat stick and at least Promises.



What should I keep from T20?

Any piece that is 15+ ilvls higher than other pieces or rolled Leech is worth keeping around. Aside from that, you just want 930+ Gloves, Cloak, or Shoulders as they have fewer stats so you lose less by wearing them.

Which pieces of T21 do I want?

Whatever will allow you to wear 2p T20 and 4p T21 while losing the least amount of total stats. Actual stat distribution can be factored in far later when you have many, many pieces to choose from.

When should I stop using T20?

Add up the item levels of the two pieces you would replace 2p T20 with. The total upgrade must be at least 70 item levels to replace Chest/Legs/Helm or 100 item levels to replace Gloves/Cloak/Shoulders. 4p is much less relevant and can be replace with only around 30 ilvls for Chest/legs/Helm and 40 for Gloves/Cloak/Shoulders, or if making the replacement enables either the 2p or 4p T21 bonuses at all.



What do I want my stats to look like?

Please use the spreadsheet located here and input your character’s stats. This has exact numerical comparisons for Int, Crit, Mastery, and Versatility, and trends towards keeping Haste between 25-30% without overvaluing it. The exact ideal distribution of stats changes as your item level grows, so please don’t ask for one. Generally speaking your Crit rating should be around 1500 less than your Mastery and your Versatility should be around 6000 less than your Crit, but unless you’re 960+ ilvl don’t be giving up Intellect to match some kind of ideal stat amounts. For any further questions please see the Focused Will Discord.

Written by Total. Edited and reviewed by others here at Focused Will.

© Total 2018. The materials on this page may be freely copied and distributed so long as our copyright notice and Website address is included.

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