This post has been converted to a “master list” of changes in the Alpha to make it easier to follow what is changing. I’ll elaborate more as to what direction these changes will likely take us and hopefully make sense of these changes for you guys and gals. To make things a little easier to follow, I will try to keep a running list of changes from build to build so if you’re just learning of these changes for the first time from this article, you will know what happened previously.

Previous build (26231)

March 15, 2018

Previous build (26287)

March 23, 2018
  • Mastery: Absolution removed
  • Mastery: Reverence added.  [Increases the damage of Penance, the absorption of Power Word: Shield, and the healing of Shadow Mend by 11.0%.]
  • Shadowfiend  duration increased from 12 to 15 seconds.
  • Clarity of Will  was removed and replaced with the new talent, Orison [Power Word: Shield instantly heals the target for (50% of Spell power).]
  • Power Infusion was removed and replaced with the new talent, Luminous Barrier [Create a shield on all allies within 40 yards, absorbing [Spell power * 1.5 * (1 + Versatility)] damage on each of them for 10 sec.]
  • Desperate Prayer  is now available for Discipline!
  • There are also some artifact trait changes that we’re not 100% sure how they will be implemented, but I will list them here none-the-less:
    • Aegis of Wrath 3% decay will occur every 5 seconds instead of 1 second.
    •  Power of the Dark Side now includes healing done in addition to additional damage. Procs per minute changed from 1 to 1.5.

Previous build (26367)

April 3, 2018
  • Rapture For the next 10 sec, Power Word: Shield absorbs an additional 200%.
  • Body and Soul Can now only occur once every 6 seconds.
  • Power Word: Solace Strikes an enemy with heavenly power, dealing (87.5% 100% of Spell power) Holy damage and restoring 1.00% 1% of your maximum mana.
  • Schism Attack the enemy’s soul with a surge of Shadow energy, dealing (106.25% 130% of Spell power) Shadow damage and increasing damage that you deal to the target by 30% for 6 sec. 40% for 9 sec. Cooldown changed from 6 sec cooldown to 24 sec cooldown
  • Shield Discipline When your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed, you restore 1%0.5% of your maximum mana.

Previous build (26433)

April 13, 2018
  • Desperate Prayer had a minor tooltip change “and instantly heals you for 25%. that amount.”
  • Power Word: Shield had an additional modifier added [Spell power * 1 * (1 + Versatility) * 1 * 1 * 1]
  • Shadow Word: Pain  was buffed:
    • Discipline:
      A word of darkness that causes (15% of Spell power) Shadow damage instantly, and an additional (105%120% of Spell power) Shadow damage over 14 sec.16 sec.
  • Schism was buffed again:
    • Attack the enemy’s soul with a surge of Shadow energy, dealing (130%150% of Spell power) Shadow damage and increasing damage that you deal to the target by 40% for 9 sec.
    • Spell power mod was changed from 1.3 to 1.5.
    • Cost changed from 2.5% of base mana to 0.5% of base mana
  • Trinity (honor talent) was modified to Power Word: Shield instead of Plea.

Most recent build (26476)

April 20, 2018
  • Pain Suppression Cooldown changed from 4 min cooldown to 3 min cooldown
  • Power Word: Shield was nerfed:
    • Shields an ally for 15 sec, absorbing [Spell power * 10.9 * (1 + Versatility) * 1 * 1 * 1] damage, and preventing damage from delaying spellcasting.
  • Shadow Mend was nerfed:
    • Wraps an ally in shadows which heal for (187.5%160% of Spell power), but at a price.
      The ally will take [(187.5%160% of Spell power) / 20] damage every 1 sec, until they have taken [(187.5%160% of Spell power) / 2] total damage from all sources, or leave combat.
  • Shadow Word: Pain was buffed: Cost changed from 2.2% of base mana to 1.8% of base mana.
  • Smite absorbs had a minor nerf:
    • Smite absorbs the next [(Spell power * 5640 / 100) * (1 + Versatility)] damage dealt by the enemy.
  • Divine Star was buffed from 30% of Spell Power to 40% of Spell Power.
  • Halo was buffed from 87.5% of Spell Power to 110% of Spell Power.
  • Purge the Wicked was buffed quite a bit:
    • Cleanses the target with fire, causing (20%30% of Spell power) Fire damage and an additional (100%165% of Spell power) Fire damage over 20 sec. Spreads to an additional nearby enemy when you cast Penance on the target.
    • Cost changed from 2.0% of base mana to 1.8% of base mana

What does this mean?

The change to Mastery is likely the most impactful, and depending what changes get made, could be the most concerning. Obviously, since this is still Alpha, we are going to see a lot of changes to the spec between now and Patch 8.0 so we shouldn’t get too worried quite yet. The change makes Mastery great for dungeons, but for raids it could be lacking. There is some consensus that adding Smite and Shadow Word: Pain / Purge the Wicked might make Mastery more appealing for raids, and prevent it from making Smite and our DoT essentially worthless with higher item level Mastery gear later in the expansion.

Clarity of Will being replaced with Orison is interesting. Orison doesn’t seem like a very good talent right now but it may change between now and Patch 8.0. It’s hard to say what situation you’d use Orison in at this time besides padding your healing a bit on the meters.

Power Infusion being replaced by Luminous Barrier is likely the most interesting addition to our talents this build, however, it’s not likely that we’d ever take it in its current form. Similar to Power Infusion, Luminous Barrier sits in a talent tier where we have Evangelism (which even with the Mastery change is still better than the other talents in raids) and Grace (which is your go-to talent for Dungeons). Luminous Barrier seems nice on the surface since it converts your Barrier into a “Revival” type spell. The issue is that it replaces Barrier and you lose Evangelism, which means Evangelism is almost always a better choice. There might be a situation where Luminous Barrier would be a decent selection if you are spread for a majority of the encounter. Another situation where Luminous Barrier might be seen is if you’re a newer player or someone who’s not concerned about min-maxing for your raids, especially if you raid content larger than 20 people. Given Velens won’t exist in the new expansion, we won’t have a way to scale past 20 people effectively.

Rapture is now in a better place with these changes as it feels like a powerful cooldown that will allow us to blanket the raid with some pretty strong absorbs every minute and a half. I think this change coupled with the cooldown removal for PW:S makes this a great cooldown and one we’d use as frequently as we could.

Shield Discipline and Body and Soul were finally nerfed to make them more in-line with other talents. The removal of the cooldown on PW:S made the talents quite overpowered in their previous form. This was expected so not much to discuss here really. Power Word: Solace had its damage increased but mana regen remains the same. It’s still hard to tell when we’d choose this talent over the other two in this talent tier.

Schism changes are quite interesting. It looks like Blizzard is intending Schism to be used not as a DPS-only ability but a way to complement our burst healing by placing it on a 24 second cooldown rather than a 6 second cooldown, as well as making it more powerful. I’m still not sure how this well change our talent choices as Castigation and Twist of Fate still exist in the same tier, and might still offer more overall healing than Schism would. Some more recent changes make it clear that Blizzard wants to make Schism relevant, but we’ll have to see just how well it can fit into the new toolkit. More on this later.

Purge the Wicked and Shadow Word: Pain were in an awkward spot because of them not scaling with Mastery, but with recent nerfs to Shadow Mend, Smite absorbs, and PW:S as well as buffs to the DoT abilities, it’s definitely looking a bit more balanced and DoT’s will be worth casting still. On the subject of Purge the Wicked, with the recent buffs, it’s still our go-to talent in that tier for all content. Halo was looking good for a bit and was also buffed in the same build that buffed PtW, but PtW wins out in this battle.

Two of the smaller changes aren’t really worth discussing since they are pretty straight forward (Shadowfiend and Desperate Prayer) but it is worth mentioning since Desperate Prayer gives Discipline a great personal cooldown.

Not mentioned in the previous post (likely because I was on a hiatus and missed a previous build note) is that Power Word: Fortitude is now a thing again and will make Priests very enticing for Mythic+ content. In addition to the new Mastery and the new Contrition, it seems like Disc’s toolkit for dungeons is going to be a much, much better spot for BFA.


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