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Hey everyone, Mend from Focused Will and today I’ll be going over some Frequently Asked Questions regarding 7.2.5 Discipline Priests. It’s been a little bit since my last video and I felt that there were a few lingering questions out there that seemed common enough to be addressed in a video. Obviously I won’t be able to hit on everything in one video, so as always, feel free to hop into the Focused Will Discord.


What are the best stats for Disc?

Which stats are better for you and when depends on what content you’re doing. For raids, item level usually takes precedence over the secondary stats on the item. We still want to target haste items to ensure we have an adequate amount of haste, however, if you’re equipping your highest item level pieces you’re probably going to have a respectable amount of secondary stats. After haste, other secondary stats are relatively equal in value. A good “range” for Haste is somewhere around 25% and above. There is no haste cap or specific amount of haste we need to have, but you don’t want to run too low on haste so it’s advised to have a decent amount.

The only time I would consider not just equipping your highest item level pieces for raids is when you’re looking at tier or specific trinkets. Currently the tier 20 2pc is roughly a 5-7% increase in healing, whereas the tier 20 4pc is a bit harder to pin down, but it’s worth sacrificing 3-4 equipped item levels to wear it.

In M+ we’re looking at a significant reduction in how effective Mastery can be, at least in higher keys. This is a result of us casting more Shadow Mend and using Penance defensively to prevent someone from dying. However, this does not mean that Atonement healing and Mastery are less valuable in M+, you’re just less likely to use Atonement healing when you’re actually doing difficult content.

If you’re looking for a good guideline or Pawn string, I’d recommend to use the bot command in the Focused Will Discord to obtain one. A link to our Discord is linked in the description below.


How do I heal in M+?

M+ is quite a bit different to heal in comparison to raids for Discipline. Shadow Mend and defensive Penance are our bread and butter single target heals. This being said, there are some trash pulls and bosses where there is high group damage. In this situation you can quickly get out 5 Atonements by using Power Word: Radiance and using Penance offensively, and possibly even using Mindbender. Certain affixes like Bursting, Quaking or Grievous require you to spec into Shadow Covenant for an instant cast group heal. We’ll have a M+ guide out in the near future that will go over each of these affixes, what to spec into, and how to handle them specifically in the near future.


How many Atonements should I be keeping out in raids?

This one is a pretty simple answer: there are no set amount of Atonements to have out in any given circumstance. The goal is to have Atonement out on as many people who will be taking damage so that you can DPS as soon as the damage occurs. If you’re applying Atonement after the damage happens, you’re probably not planning your cooldowns properly or not timing your Atonement application well.

There are essentially two time periods of within an encounter, burst and non-burst.

Our non-burst healing would require you to maintain Atonement on people taking or about to take damage. Situations of this would be tanks (taking constant damage), people with DoT’s (taking constant damage), or pre-applying a smaller amount of Atonements using a spare Power Word: Radiance cast, Pleaing, or even using Rapture in advance of damage.

Burst healing is pretty straight forward as well; you want to have out as many Atonements as possible for high raid damage events in an encounter. Lights Wrath doesn’t always need to be used during Evangelism, since the added Atonement duration really doesn’t provide a lot of benefit to Lights Wrath. In most situations, boss damage will line up with your Evangelism cooldown. I like to call this the “Evangelism Combo”.


So, what is an “Evangelism Combo”?

Your “Evangelism Combo” is your most powerful source of healing. This is where you will line up most of your healing cooldowns for a large sustained burst over 8-10 seconds. I’ll assume you don’t have Tarnished Sentinel Medallion, or “Owl” for this explanation, but I will elaborate on this in the next question a bit more on how having this trinket will alter your decision making and how to use it properly.

A standard “Evangelism Combo” would require you to begin applying Atonement roughly 12-15 seconds in advance of damage by using Power Word: Shield and Plea to approximately 6-8 Atonements. With about 4 seconds left before the damage occurs, you will cast your two Power Word: Radiance charges. Your PWR casts should finish just before the damage occurs giving you adequate time to then cast Velen’s, then your pet (Mindbender or Shadowfiend), then cast Evangelism. The reason Evangelism is cast last in most cases is because the Atonements you applied won’t start falling off immediately and you have a window to use Velen’s and your pet before casting it. Evangelism also uses a GCD, and casting it last will maximize the amount of time you have Atonement out at the same time as Velen’s and your pet being active. Once Evangelism is cast, you can follow up with Penance and Smites until Atonements begin to drop.

Plea + PWS (12-15s) > 2xPWR (4s) > Velen’s > Pet > Evangelism > Penance > Smites


You mentioned I don’t need to use Light’s Wrath with Evangelism?

Not always. Lights Wrath doesn’t gain any extra benefit from Evangelism if you time your Atonement application properly, since added duration does nothing to improve the effectiveness of your Lights Wrath. You can work in Light’s Wrath into your Evangelism rotation, but in some cases it’s worth saving for damage that might occur when Evangelism is on cooldown. If you want to use Light’s Wrath outside of Evangelism, you can attain a fairly high amount of Atonement by using Rapture > PW:S x 9-10 > PW:R > Light’s Wrath.

TLDR: Plan out your CD’s as you normally would, Lights Wrath included. If you can use it during Evangelism, great. If not, it’s still usable when Evangelism is on CD.


You mentioned Tarnished Sentinel Medallion, could you explain why this trinket is good and how I should use it?

Before explaining how to use the Owl Trinket, I’ll explain the current trinket / talent combos that are used in Tomb of Sargeras.

  • Promises + Mindbender: This is a very straight forward combo. Promises helps maintain your mana while Mindbender gives you a pet cooldown every minute that also helps regen some mana (not as much as Shield Discipline). This combo works best if you need a pet CD every 1 minute.
  • Promises + Shield Discipline: This is still a thing, but only on a select few fights or on cutting edge mythic progression. This will limit your ability to have a pet CD for every Evangelism combo, but it will ensure you have enough mana to pump out healing over a 9+ minute encounter.
  • Tarnished Sentinel’s Medallion + Shield Discipline: This is an ideal combo if the bosses raid-wide damage occurs every 1 minute 15 seconds (or more) apart from each other. The reason is this will allow you to use Owl for your first damage event, Shadowfiend for the second, and have Owl back up for the third. If timed properly you’ll have one of the pets up for each event of damage. The reason this is preferred over just running Mindbender + Promises is that both the Owl trinket and Shadowfiend do more damage than Mindbender does, thus they do more healing. Shield Discipline also provide more mana return than Mindbender, so this combo also should yield stable mana on shorter encounters. The only downfall is that you’re not running Promises, which means on longer encounters you could eventually get strapped for mana.

So, with these different situations being outlined, Owl would be considered as a “pet cooldown” much like Mindbender and Shadowfiend. However, how you’d use it may be slightly different than you’d expect, and the timing of when to use it could change depending on the circumstances. In  most cases, the raid won’t be dangerously low on damage when you begin ramping up Atonements on the raid. However, in some cases where the raid is taking damage or has taken damage, you could use Owl before your ramp up begins. This provides healing while you’re applying Atonements and maximizes the healing provided from your trinket. The reason you can do this is due to the fact that the trinket duration is 20 seconds.

Hopefully this has answered some of the major questions regarding Discipline in 7.2.5,  but obviously I can’t hit on everything in one video. If you have more questions, always feel free to hit up the Focused Will Discord linked in the description.

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