Today we will be going more in-depth into Discipline mana in 7.2.5 and what to do when you’re not using cooldowns.

In my guide for Disc in 7.2.5., we learn about the Evangelism Combo which involves using a 75 second cooldown to apply a bunch of Atonements and do a ton of healing through them. This is where the bulk of Disc’s healing will come from most of the time, but the question remains of what exactly to do the rest of the time.

To solve this, I looked at mana, healing, and damage done by all of the abilities and learned a few things. Before we dive into it, let’s get some assumptions out of the way.

For our purposes to narrow down some actual numbers, many things have been assumed.

  • PWR charges are not being wasted
  • PWS is being used on cooldown
  • The Priest has ~30% haste and ~30% Mastery (decent ballpark stats to have)
  • A number of Pleas and Smite are being used for Evangelism
  • Shield Discipline, Twist of Fate, Evangelism, Purge the Wicked, and Sanctuary are taken as talents
  • Purge the Wicked is being used to keep 100% uptime on one target
  • Penance is used every 12 seconds rather than exactly on cooldown because other things get in the way sometimes.
  • Rapture is used at some point to dump even more PWS casts.

These are general assumptions we can make because of the efficiency and HPS of these particular choices.


The mana results reveal an entirely different approach than what Disc has done in Legion before. Simply put, the amount of mana one can spend on PWR or Evangelism in general is capped at a fairly low amount. You can set up some Atonements beforehand, but once Evangelism goes off, Shadowfiend/Light’s Wrath cost no mana, Penance only happens twice, and Smite is all that’s left. which consumes almost no mana.

What mana remains is used to heal between Evangelisms (for about 60 seconds of 90). Some of this mana is also spoken for. PWS is used often, as are Penance and PtW. This leaves little mana left to use on one of three spells: Plea, Shadow Mend, or Smite.

What do I cast as filler?

To TL;DR the spreadsheet and calculations, Shadow Mend is the least efficient spell you can cast. It will be the best (besides PW:S) at saving someone’s life immediately, but for the long term it’s still just not good. This is true even with Amalgam’s Seventh Spine.

Power Word: Shield is the most efficient Atonement applicator with Shield Discipline, but has a cooldown. At an effective cost of 1.3% base mana, PWS costs less than Plea and Shadow Mend and does more “healing” with its shield.

Finally, Plea and Smite form an interesting dance where Smite becomes efficient around 3 or 4 Atonements, but Plea is required to put out more Atonements (as only about 2 can be expected from PWS at any given time). Furthermore, people that have Atonement must be injured for Smite to actually heal them. This is crucial because having 5 Atonements out does not necessarily mean Smite is a good option, and perhaps another Plea is needed to get another Atonement on someone that needs it.

Use Smite if 4+ people with Atonement on them are hurt enough for Smite to heal them, otherwise use Plea to get out more Atonements until Smite becomes a good option. You can use a Weakaura to track this. One last thing: unlike previous builds of Disc in Legion, standing around casting nothing should almost never be an option. Fewer Pleas before Evangelism, smarter Plea/PWS target selection, and fewer Penances will generally be worth being able to Smite in every moment of free time.

Rapture, Talents, and Trinkets

The above applies to the assumed talent build with no mana-generating trinkets. However, maybe you need additional “filler” healing to keep people alive. Well, you’re in luck, because there are options!

You could wear the Amalgam’s Seventh Spine trinket. Getting a high item level version of this trinket (900+) doesn’t refund as much mana as Shield Discipline does (it’s a little less than half), but it does a lot of the same things for a smaller price and without costing Evangelism healing.

Also, you could alter your healing pattern altogether. Spacing out PWRs some and only relying on 12-15 Atonement Evangelisms instead of 17+ saves a lot of mana. You could use slightly different legendaries such as dropping Cord of Maiev (belt) or Estel’s (chest) if you find that you don’t have enough mana to use the effects of these items. Something that doesn’t cost much of anything would be simply coordinating with your group so that you don’t end up overhealing on Evangelisms and can afford to just do less healing outside of them while other people use their cooldowns.

Finally, strategic use of Rapture allows a large number of Atonements to be placed along with lots of shielding for almost no mana cost. This is a great stop-gap if you find that you need a lot of healing but don’t have PWRs or Evangelism coming up any time soon. paired with Shadowfiend, it can even do a ton of healing.

If you have been playing Disc before 7.2.5, the major change to watch out for with mana is that burst healing is no longer affected by having more or less mana in either how much it does or how often you can do it because everything is gated by cooldowns. Instead, mana is now all about the filler healing and the choices you make to balance your spells selection, talents, and gear to get the right kind of healing for your raid on each fight.

Written by Total. Edited and reviewed by others here at Focused Will.

© Total 2017. The materials on this page may be freely copied and distributed so long as our copyright notice and website address are included.

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