S Tier

Velen’s Future Sight – Extremely powerful effect that pairs with our Lights Wrath and other cooldowns very well. Discipline is notorious for overhealing especially with a big Lights Wrath. TIP: You only need roughly 12 Atonements out to cover the raid in healing, due to the overhealing effect. It’s a huge mana savings!

A Tier

Xalan the Feared’s Clench – Rather powerful since it keeps a permanent Atonement on you, which increases survivability drastically and increases your HPS substantially.

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus – The stats alone on this neck make it enticing, and the added absorb makes it a no-brainer. Definitely one of the better legendaries we have access to.

B Tier

Kam Xi’raff – This is actually a decent legendary based on the mana savings it provides after Lights Wrath. While it’s not ideal, it still provides 18-20 seconds of 75% mana reduction on DPS abilities which can “buy” you another PWR cast later in the encounter. Also note: stats are mighty nice on this item as well.

Skjoldr, Sanctuary of Ivagont – Stats are decent, and with the added 15% to our Power Word: Shield, this legendary becomes a bit better. Still not top-tier, but it’s definitely a step up from where it was. Having Pain Suppression on a shorter cooldown is a nice perk as well.

Sephuz’s Secret – The ring now has a flat 2% Haste and 10% Run Speed which brings its potential use up quite a bit. This legendary is considered an “A Tier” when used on encounters where you will Dispel frequently.

C Tier

N’ero, Band of Promises – This ring isn’t bad situationally. If you need to conserve mana on an encounter, and you know a majority of the raid will be stacked, you can use this ring to potentially save a decent amount of mana by not requiring a ramp-up. However, this is almost never the case during encounters, and thus this ring falls short of its potential.

Cord of Maiev, Priestess of the Moon – This legendary is another “trap” in my opinion. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good legendary because of the proc, but people initially think that Smiting more to “fish” more Penance procs is optimal, which is not the case. TIP: Don’t change your playstyle around this legendary unless you have access to external mana. If you happen to get a proc, consider it a bonus, but don’t start casting Smite more if you don’t have the mana to cover it.

Estel, Dejahna’s Inspiration – This legendary can be a bit of a trap. Naturally, you’d think you’d want to maintain the buff as much as you can. Not correct. It’s better to continue playing as you would normally and not cast Plea any more than you already would. If you use Plea to get out that 5th Atonement, you have a 10% haste buff going into your PWR spam, which makes quite a bit of difference. TIP: There is a more advanced use of this legendary where you cast Plea at the end of an Innervate while Shadowfiend is active to benefit more from the additional haste.

Norgannon’s Foresight – This legendary is best on fights where you can stand still for 8 seconds to get the proc. Stats are good on it, making it a decent choice, but on movement heavy fights it’s rather hard to maximize the use of this legendary.

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