EKPlates (Mend’s Config)


(Place in “Addons” folder). Make sure to disable other nameplate addons.


Power of the Dark Side Proc – Will show when your next Penance will take advantage of this artifact trait proc.

External Mana Duration – Plays a bike horn (can be changed) and displays a duration icon for Innervate / Symbol of Hope.

Healer Mana – Displays the healers in the raids mana nicely.

Cursor WA – Includes DoT duration, Penance CD, PWS CD, Mindbender/Shadowfiend CD, Atonement tracker, Rapture duration tracker, and Dispel CD; all at your cursor. Now includes T20 4pc proc!

Main Bar – Displays other cooldowns for Discipline not in the cursor WA.

Bursting Icon – Helps know how many stacks of Bursting you have and when they drop off during this affix for M+.

Overloaded With Light Proc – Displays when you have the Overloaded With Light buff from Lights Wrath.

Potion Tracking – Track your Prolonged Power CD / potion CD easier.


I also run the DynamicCam addon to provide a better view and shift my character down on my screen. Settings below:

Dynamic Pitch: Enabled
Target Lock/Focus: Disabled

Camera Max Distance: 39
Camera Move Speed: 20
Camera Shoulder Offset: 0
Head Movement Strength: 0

– Dynamic Pitch Advanced Settings –
Base FOV Pad: .53
Base FOV Pad (Flying): .75
Base FOV Pad Downscale: .25

– Head Tracking Advanced Settings – 
I don’t use this feature, so you can either play around with this to your liking or disregard.

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