It’s highly recommended you look over Wowhead’s guide for the Netherlight Crucible before reading this guide to gain a better understanding of the new feature.


Netherlight Crucible “Tiers”

Discipline benefits from both the healing and damage increases from traits. Crucible has a bit of RNG involved, but if you get lucky you can get some pretty decent increases in HPS / utility which might make a close decision between relics a bit easier to make.

Relic 1 Requirement Relic 2 Requirement Relic 3 Requirement
Tier 1
Tier 2 60 63 66
Tier3 69 72 75

Requirement numbers are your weapons Artifact level. 

Tier 1 is automatically given to you when you unlock the crucible. It provides a flat ilvl increase to your weapon but there is no decision to be made for this tier since it’s automatic for all 3 relic slots and you will not need to level your weapon to unlock it.

Tier 2 traits are a relatively minor throughput increase each but some are more valuable than others. Descriptions of these relics are specified below in the next section. Note that you can only select a tier 3 trait connected to the tier 2 trait you selected. (The rankings may be changing very soon due to hotfix changes, stay tuned)

Tier 3 traits are likely going to be your most important choice in a majority of cases since you can get 1 additional trait that can provide substantial value depending what you get. Unfortunately, as with Tier 2 traits, RNG plays a major role here.


Tier 2 Descriptions/Priorities

DISCLAIMER: These rankings will be changing soon due to hotfix changes. Advise given is still sound, but the actual rankings are not accurate at this time. Stay tuned!

A general guideline of of the Tier 2 traits are listed below. Any overly good traits  are highlighted green and any relatively bad traits red. Outside of the two traits highlighted, everything is ranked relatively close as of right now in terms of how much of a HPS increase they provide. These aren’t set rankings below, more of a guideline to help aide you in picking the proper relic.

Proc-based traits may or may not be up during your burst windows. Depending on the encounter and the level of RNG you have, they may end up being less valuable than static stats would be. However, on average, they end up being decent increases to your healing and are ranked closely so there really isn’t one better than another.

HoT and DoT traits provide less throughput increase but have a higher likelihood to be active when damage is occurring.


  1. Master of ShadowsThis is extremely good for any class or spec due to the flat Avoidance it provides means you’re taking less damage in raids (from AoE abilities). The flat Mastery is also beneficial for Discipline since it increases your Atonement transfer rate.
  2. Chaotic Darkness: This trait is rather good, but it has a large range of damage which means it could be amazing or could be rather bad depending on RNG.
  3. Shadowbind: This is a self heal which is good for the same reason Leech is.
  4. Murderous Intent: Flat Versatility increase during Concordance procs. As with any of the proc-based traits, they may or may not be up during your burst windows.
  5. Torment the Weak: Damage over time ability but provides rather weak Atonement healing potential. On the other hand, this trait is a lot more likely to be active during your burst, which means it will be more consistent.
  6. Dark Sorrows: AoE damage which on boss fights (with a single target) makes this very weak. This becomes “decent” if you have 6+ mobs for it to hit.


  1. Light Speed: Flat haste and flat movement speed is good, but not better than Master of Shadows, however, it makes this better than the other proc based traits in the Light category.
  2. Secure in the Light: Chance for this to proc either damage or your healing spells can provide an absorb but not both with the same proc, just a chance at one of them occurring. Absorb is really nice, damage is decent depending when it procs.
  3. Infusion of Light: Similar to Secure in the Light, there is a chance that this can proc one of two effects, damage or healing, but not both.
  4. Refractive Shell: Decent absorb chance on healing or damage spells.
  5. Shocklight: Crit Strike increase with Concordance active. As with any of the proc-based traits, they may or may not be up during your burst windows. Even with added Crit during burst windows, you may already be in a situation where you’ll end up overhealing due to the amount of other stats you’ll get with Concordance which could potentially devalue this more. We’ll have more information further into the patch.
  6. Light’s Embrace: Chance on taking damage to proc a healing over time. This isn’t terrible, but the total healing it can provide seems to be low, but this may change.

Note: Most of the values used to calculate the rankings were based on PTR values. This may change as we get more information after release / after some balancing changes to traits. These will also be built into WoWAnalyzer, meaning you will be able to see the real values they can provide once the Netherlight Crucible is active on live servers.

How to Decide Between Relics

  1. First, you want to look at your Main Trait and Tier 3 trait combinations and add up the added item levels they provide (example: you have Confession main trait and Shield of Faith Tier 3 trait, you’d take 3+2 based on the below chart, so in this example you’d gain 5 additional item levels from just the Main Trait and Tier 3 trait).
    Trait ilvl Increase
    Confession 3
    The Edge of Dark and Light 2
    Shield of Faith 2
    Lenience’s Reward 2

    Note: These will possibly be changing as we create a new Discipline spreadsheet in advance of Antorus release.

  2. After you know how many additional item levels each relic provides you can compare each relic’s current item level with the additional item levels added to them from traits to see which edges out the other.
  3. Lastly, look at the Tier 2 traits and see which ones you’d like to keep. The value of these traits will be better known as we get more data from logs and do a bit more math on our end.



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