Patch 8.1 – Opinions and Info

Patch 8.1 – Opinions and Info by Mend | Dec 2, 2018 Patch 8.1 Datamining and Discussion This article will discuss each set of datamined patch notes in order from most recent in a descending order. The main goal with this article will be to provide not only a complete list of potential changes to [...]
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Mend’s Minimal Healer UI

New to healing and need a functional UI that’s not in the way? Tired of your current UI and need to make a change? Mend’s Minimal Healer UI is here to the rescue!

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Macros: A quick Guide for Disc Priests

I just found myself having 30 different Macros for my Disc Priest. Most of them are nothing but a copy of the same macro for different spells. Others offer some nice QoL features. But generally speaking, macros can greatly improve your performance, especially as a Discipline Priest.

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Discipline BFA Changes [Final]

Discipline BFA Changes [Final] by Jayde | Jul 17, 2018 Yesterday, our friends at Blizzard released the official Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Notes. For Disc Priests as for all other classes, it mostly reads as follows: Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. ..., and abilities have been removed, rebalanced, moved around or added. Since [...]
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