Some notes for BFA:

A lot of the Legion specific stuff became irrelevant for BFA with the removal of Artifacts. They are just not in the game anymore. However, similar mechanics have been added with Azerite gear or other effects in BFA. And there is a major change about how DPS trinkets or procs work now:

  1. Tier 1 Azerite traits usually add damage to specific priest spells like gift-of-forgiveness, this damage will generate Atonement healing. On the other hand, Azerite traits like Heed my Call are class-unspecific damage procs. These do not generate Atonement Healing.
  2. Similar to the case described in (1.), DPS trinkets like this do not yield any Atonement healing at all anymore in BFA. This is also true for any equivalent damaging effects. Along with this change, DPS trinkets deal now full damage as Discipline Priest.
  3. The Demon Hunter group buff chaos-brand increases Atonement healing by 5%. Going from the old Legion logic this shouldn’t be the case. But it got specifically whitelisted to work with Atonement.

A question often asked about Disc is whether or not our healing benefits from damage increasing effects.

In earlier incarnations of the Discipline Priest, especially the versions of Cataclysm and MoP, we saw situations where Disc was utterly overpowered due to such effects.

To name but some, Horridon and Halfus Wyrmbreaker were such examples.This is no longer the case [1]. In fact, we can compile a quite short and comprehensive list of effects that increase our Atonement healing and those which don’t, even though one might be tempted to think they do.


Healing Modifiers

First, only damage increasing effects that are applied by ourselfs increase our healing output:

  • Schism, increasing the damage done to the target it is applied to, also increases the Atonement healing by 30%
  • Both, Twist of Fate and Versatility, increase damage and healing done. It is important to note here, that the healing conversion does not “double dip”. That means, damage and healing are increased seperately.
  • The 35th and 36th trait of Light’s Wrath, Forbidden Flame and Will of the Conclave, increases our damage and healing done by 5% and 10% respectively. As the two effects mentioned above, the damage and heal increase work independently.
  • Artifact traits like Confession or Sins of the Many also increase our healing done through those spells.


Additionally, every external buff that increases our healing output also increases the healing done. Divine Hymn as a friendly buff or Kur’Talos in Black Rook Hold as a hostile debuff are such examples [2].

We can use simple algebra to describe the output of Atonement if you ever wish to conduct your one experiments ingame:

(Spellpower * SpellpowerCoefficient *(1+ Versatility) * ChaosBrand * ([Schism] * [TwistOfFate] * [SotM]) * 0.6 * (1+Mastery)


Damage Modifiers

There are no further effects that increase our healing done. Especially two cases are worth mentioning:

  • The passive artifact trait, Artificial Damage,  that increases our damage done by up to 0.65% for each point spent, does not convert into Atonement healing. This trait is purely meant to compensate for healing classes’ damage scaling, as confirmed by a blue post. This case causes some confusion, but the Devs did not seem to find a way to point it out properly.
  • As mentioned above, boss effects that increase the damage done to them, like Ash’golm’s Brittle in the Vault of the Wardens, do not increase our healing output.

Contrary, effects that decrease the damage done to a target do not decrease our healing output. Examples would be The Eye of Il’ginoth’s Stuff of Nightmares in the Emerald Nightmare. Although our damage done to The Eye of Il’ginoth is decreased by 99%, all healing done through Atonement by damaging the eye has full effect.

However, targets being entirely immune to damage, like Cordana in the Vault of the Wardens, also take away our ability to heal through Atonement.



Since I was mentioning double-dipping effects in this post, there is one thing really worth talking about here: Leech!
Though there are no modifiers that benefit both, healing and damage output, so that both effects successively gain from it. However, Leech in fact does that. Our healing as well as our damage generate Leech healing on top. This makes Leech an incredibly strong stat for Discipline Priests. Having sufficient Leech rating, on, let’s say, about two to three items, can even generate as much selfheal as Xalan the Feared’s Clench do. It is therefore not unreasonable to consider dropping this Legendary for something else, given you have been lucky enough with your item rolls.

It is worth mentioning somewhere, that Twist of Fate only increases healing and damage effects. In the world of Blizzard’s wording, this sometimes includes absorbs effects, and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, the absorb applied by both, Power Word:Shield and Clarity of Will , is not being increased by the Talent. However, this doesn’t really make the talent choice any worse, but is still good to know!

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