Discipline BFA Changes [Final]

by | Jul 17, 2018

Yesterday, our friends at Blizzard released the official Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Notes. For Disc Priests as for all other classes, it mostly reads as follows:

Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted.

…, and abilities have been removed, rebalanced, moved around or added. Since we found the official notes to be quite unsatisfying, here is the comprehensive list of  all Disc Priest changes for BFA.



New Talents (4)
  • Sins of the Many – Your damage is increased by up to 12%, diminishing for each ally affected by your Atonement
  • Contrition – When you heal with Penance, everyone with your Atonement is healed for 12% of Spell power
  • Lenience – Atonement reduces damage taken by 3% (This used to be an Artifact trait)
  • Luminous Barrier – Create a shield on all allies within 40 yards, absorbing 280% damage on each of them for 10 seconds
Changed Talents (4)
  • Schism
    – Cooldown increased to 24 seconds
    – Duration increased to 9 seconds
    – Increasing damage that you deal to the target by 40%
  • Body and Soul – Can now only occur once every 6 seconds
  • Shield Discipline – Mana restoration reduced to 0.5%
  • Shadow Covenant – Now has a 12 second cooldown
Removed Talents (4)
  • Sanctuary
  • Clarity of Will
  • Power Infusion
  • Grace –  This talent is now baseline in the new Mastery: Grace


New Abilities (4)
  • Power Word: Fortitude – Increases your party or raids Stamina by 10% for 1 hour.
  • Mastery: Grace – Increases all (atonement- and non-atonement-) healing done by 9.6% to targets with atonement
  • Holy Nova – Deals damage to all enemies and healing to all allies within 12 yds. Damage done to first target does not yield Atonement healing
  • Desperate Prayer – Increases maximum health by 25% for 10 sec, and instantly heals you for that amount
Ability Changes (8)
  • Atonement – Spell damage heals all targets affected by Atonement for 60% of the damage done.
  • Power Word: Shield – Cooldown removed
  • Power Word: Radiance – Cooldown increased to 20 seconds
  • Pain Suppression – Cooldown reduced to 180 seconds
  • Rapture
    – Power Word: Shields absorbs an additional 200%
    – Duration reduced to 10 seconds
    – Cooldown reduced to 90 seconds
    – Is now on the GCD
  • Shadowfiend – Duration increased to 15 seconds
  • Power of the Dark Side – is now a passive ability
  • Discipline Priest Aura – Increases healing done by Power Word: Radiance, Shadow Covenant, Shadow Mend, Penance, Halo, Divine Star and Contrition by 40%


Removed Abilities and Effects (12)
  • Mastery: Absolution – Replaced by Mastery: Grace
  • Plea – removed
  • Light’s Wrath – removed
  • Barrier for the Devoted – Targets inside Power Word: Barrier no longer take increased Atonement healing
  • Borrowed Time – Applying atonement no longer reduces the cast times of next Smite or Penance
  • Sins of the Many(Legion) – damage done no longer increased by 1% per ally affacted by Atonement
  • Speed of the Pious – You no longer move 30% faster after casting Penance
  • Vestments of Discipline – Fade no longer reduces damage taken
  • Lenience’s Reward – is now a Talent
  • Aegis of Wrath – removed
  • Tyranny of Pain – Pain Suppresion no longer heals for a fraction of damage taken
  • Shadowcrawl – No longer increases damage done by Mindbender/Shadowfiend

Spellpower and Mana Changes

Obviously, not only did spell mechanics get changes. Most of our toolkit got slightly or heavily rebalanced. However, due to the comprehensive number squish of BFA, these changes aren’t immediately visible. The following graph tries to visualize the relative buffs and nerfs of our spells. The red line indicates, that the average power of our spells is aproximately 42% of what they were in Legion. Some spells are therefore relatively stronger than they used to be. And others are relatively weaker than in Legion, compared to the rest of our toolkit.

Squish including Atonement buff means, that the genral buff to Atonement transfer from 40% to 60% is taken into account when considering BFA spellpower coefficients. The Legion spellpower coefficients include 4/4 points in the respective Artifact traits.

A few things stand out, and are worth mentioning:

  • Due to the loss of of Aegis of Wrath, but also without this trait, Power Word: Shield experienced quite a strong nerf
  • Penance even though still being our strongest core spell, is weaker than it used to be. This doesn’t account for the additional loss of set bonusses yet.
  • However, to put this into perspective, Penance, Power Word: Shield and Shadow Mend, can now potentially be buffed by Mastery: Grace.
  • Schism, Power Word: Solace, Divine Star and Halo require special attention. While we saw little to no use of these talents during Legion, they all got significantly buffed. We’re expecting all of these spells to be part of our core toolkit in BFA.

But not only did the power of our spells change, our mana household got readjusted as well. The following plot shows absolute changes of mana costs in percentage points:

While most of out spells got their mana costs slightly reduced, again, some things are worth mentioning:

  • Power Word: Shield also got nerfed on the mana side: its cost got increased by 25%. In addition to that, Shield Discipline restores only half of what it used to restore from a PWS. Considering that PWS now replaces Plea as a spammable filler to apply single Atonements, we’ve got to have an eye on our mana when doing so.
  • Penance‘s mana cost got significantly reduced. This might once again allow for the spell being cast on cooldown.
  • Shadow Covenant‘s absurd cost got drastically reduced. Combined with the cooldown the talent now has, it should be easier to not hurt ourselfs.
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