EKPlates (Mend’s Config.lua file)


(Place in “EKPlates” folder). Make sure to disable other nameplate addons.

Custom Font Files


Place in your main WoW Directory (Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft)


BFA Dungeon – Dangerous Spells – Glows your frame or shows an icon on your party frames when someone is in danger.

BFA Dungeon Icons – Shows an icon when certain casts or abilities are occurring.

M+ Purgeable Debuffs – Anchored icon next to your nameplates showing debuffs that need dispelled on an enemy.

Mend’s Misc Group – Miscellaneous auras I use for various tracking that don’t belong in my main bar.

PhoGuild Raid Timer – Replaces my DBM timers with a better looking and more functional linear timer.

PW: Radiance Tracker – Tracks currently active Atonements from PW:R casts so you know when they will expire.

Raid Cooldowns – Tracks when raid cooldowns are used by other healers.

Cursor Group – A group of auras anchored to your cursor that contains your most frequently used abilities.

Main Bar Group – A group of auras that are mostly consisting of abilities on longer cooldowns.

Healer Mana – Tracks other healers mana.

Uldir Glowing Frames – Glows your raid frames when someone is afflicted with a dangerous ability.

Uldir Burst Timers – (WIP) burst timers for all Uldir bosses to provide you a warning when to begin preparing for your burst rotation.

Uldir Boss Ability Icons – Standard boss ability icons for the new tier.

Addons List and Descriptions

RealUI Suite

    • Only extract the below addons to your Addons folder.
    • /realui > Other > AddOn Control > See below picture for proper settings before importing other profiles.
    • https://i.imgur.com/4bekglo.png
  • Bartender4
  • cargBags_Nivaya: RealUI
  • Foglight
  • FreebTip
  • Grid2 (and all dependant addons) – My profile is linked to the right.
  • Masque
  • nibRealUI
  • nibRealUI Config
  • PhanxChat
  • Raven
  • Raven Options
  • RealUI Bugs
  • RealUI Skins

Auctionator is a great addon for quickly selling and buying from the auction house, and an addon I’ve used for quite some time. If you’re looking for something a bit more robust, TradeSkillMaster is a great alternative.

AzeriteTooltip provides you your azerite traits in a tooltip format rather than looking at the azerite trait window for that item. It is helpful for quickly seeing what traits an item has.

ChampionCommander is a addon for managing your mission table. I highly recommend this addon.

Character Links is an addon that provides links after right clicking a player to things such as WoW armory, raider.io and wowprogress.

Clique is my addon of choice for my spell casts  instead of using things such as mouseover macros. I would recommend either option if you’re a healer.

Details! Damage Meter is a robust damage meter addon that is highly customizable and very accurate. I’d recommend this damage meter over the other options.

Exorsus Raid Tools is an addon that my guild uses for raid notes, but it also comes with a lot of extra functionality that could be of benefit to you and your raid.

FasterLoot is basically does what the name says, it reduces the time to loot a mob by reducing delay in the loot window.

Masque: Serenity is the addon I use to skin my WA’s providing a circular shape to them. 

Molinari is a great addon for Disenchanting, Milling and Prospecting.

MythicPlusTimer is essentially what the name says: a better mythic plus timer.

Opie is a robust addon that allows you to bind spells to actionbars that are organized in rings. 

Talent Set Manager allows you to link changing your talents to preset talent configurations as well as switching gear sets.

WeakAuras is an extremely robust addon that allows you to display information in a unique way. 

WIM, or wow instant messenger is a great addition to organizing your whispers in a nice format. You can download the Flat Panel theme I use for this addon here.

World Quest List is a great addon for organizing your world quests… in a list… obviously. 🙂

EKPlates is my preferred addon for nameplates. 

DBM is the well known boss timer addon. I also use the VEM voicepack.

ElvUI Profile(not maintained)

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